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Jalisco is a western Mexican state fringing the Pacific Ocean. The idiom "Jalisco is Mexico" refers to how many of the things which are typically associated with Mexico have their origins in Jalisco. These include tequila, mariachis, rodeos, wide-skirted ribbon dresses and the sombrero.

Our experience of this lovely state included mostly the coastal areas, but we would have loved to have found time to visit beautiful Lake Chapala and colonial Guadalajara.

The Western Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range is covered by thick jungle that grows right to the edge of the sea.


The offshore islands are a protected biosphere reserve, home to manta rays, turtles, dolphins and migrating humpback whales.

Mismaloya is a former fishing village in a remote cove surrounded by jungle.

Yelapa is a secluded coastal village, bisected by a river flowing across golden sands to a turquoise cove.

We travelled the area by local public transit consisting of buses and vans called collectivos.

We also travelled by water taxi to areas not accessible by road.

In Yelapa, with no vehicles, local folks get around on horseback.

This biodiverse area is home to armadillos, ocelots, badgers, deer, crocodiles, lizards, snakes and 2 species of  iguanas including these spiny-tailed ones.

There are 400 bird species including blue-footed boobies, magpie-jays and pelicans.

There are hikes to two pretty waterfalls near Yelapa.


The movie Day of the Iguana  initiated this area as a tourist attraction.

Inland lie fields of agave which is used to make tequila.


The local children are involved in gathering shellfish and in fishing for tuna, marlin, snapper and sailfish.

The sunset views are spectacular.

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