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Nayarit is a small state in western Mexico between the forested mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental and the Pacific Ocean. A relatively new tourist destination, the Riviera Nayarit encompasses the colorful pueblos and white sand beaches of the 320 kilometer coastline.

Traditionally, Nayarit was the heart of the Aztec empire (Ixtlan), until the conquest and  colonial development of towns such as the port of San Blas.

The Ameca River separates the states of Jalisco and Nayarit.


Nuevo Vallarta is a large development of tourist resorts with golf courses, water sports, cultural-themed shows and soon, a Cirque de Soleil.

While staying in Nuevo Vallarta during Easter week, it was lovely to see local families enjoying the extensive stretch of beach.

Bucerias, meaning "place of divers", is a coastal town known for its beach, markets, Thursday art walks and pleasant eateries.

People gather on the fishing piers at dusk to bring home fresh fish for dinner.

A pretty church courtyard and plaza serve as the heart of Bucerias.

The town of La Peņita hosts one of the largest markets in the region.

Sayulita has gained a reputation as a surfing mecca, an artists' colony and a hippie hang-out.

The Mexican government calls Sayulita a "magical town" for  its colorful ambience and richness and convergence of cultures.

Oyster harvesting tradition in Bucerias

       Protected sea turtle habitat

Lagoons inhabited with birds, fish and crocodiles

Marine life is abundant in this area.

The Cora and Huichol indigenous people continue to make and sell traditional wood-carved, embroidered and beaded artwork.

Huichol artisans place tiny beads into beeswax to create ornate sculptures.

Entre Amigos is a volunteer-run Community Center in San Pancho which offers a library, computer training, English lessons, sports facilities and a recycling center.

Typical of towns in the area, local vendors prepare and sell soups, enchiladas, tacos and other "street food."


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